Photoshop is a powerful, unique program in the environment of graphic editors.


Adobe Photoshop is one of the programs, which is particularly popular among users but not every user can be referred to professionals working with Adobe Photoshop. I should say that the program is not easy, and mastering it will require not only patience, but also endurance. In order to acquire the skills of working with her, we have to master its tools.
Adobe Photoshop is not just a software, and image editor that is designed to work with images and photos, this program not only allows you to create a new image, but also can significantly improve image quality. Ownership of this program are owned by company Adobe Systems, which regularly updates its version and advertises them. The sheer quality of the images, and the ability of the program allowed it to occupy a niche in the market of commercial tools designed for editing raster images, as well as made this graphic editor by Adobe brand. In everyday life this program is plain name - Photoshop (Photoshop). Currently, with the evolution of the program itself, Photoshop runs on modern platforms. Previous versions of this program have been adapted for SGI IRIX, but over time, official support for this platform was stopped, the reason was the release of the third version of the product. Before you download the program, you should carefully study its description and capabilities, and to focus on the platform.
So, for the variation of CS 2 is available starting with Linux platforms – this is done with the assistance of specially created for this purpose of application, which today is analogous to the Windows API Wine 0.9.54, and its further versions. Despite the fact that a prerequisite for the development of this software was the need to edit the images sent to print (in the beginning this program has been used in printing the craft), with the development of Internet, it has been actively used in web design. If you take an earlier version, in addition to the program was a specially crafted application Adobe ImageReady, which was later removed from the field of view of professionals working in CS3. The fact that the developers of this app have improved it capabilities, vclinic it in the program, and the existence of app in independent form was optional.
Features of such programs as Photoshop was the similarity of this graphic editor in the other software, intended for processing media files, animations. When interacting with such software resources, Adobe ImageReady (the software has undergone simplification in version 3 of the program), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and many other Adobe Photoshop can be used for creating professional recordings DVD. Also Photoshop helps to alleviate the work in the field of non-linear editing and recreating various effects, such as backgrounds, textures, etc. both for telecommunications and film and, in particular, for the Internet. The basic format, which Photoshop - PSD, may be transferred and included in all of the above software products. In addition, when working with Photoshop CS you can create DVD menus. When interacting with Adobe Encore DVD, Photoshop is able to visualize menu or button DVD. Photoshop, integrated the package version 3 created on the Extended platform, has the ability to work with layers in three-dimensional space.
Due to the extremely high level of popularity of Photoshop, the working principle and the basic format became the property of the competitors, such as Macromedia Fireworks, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, etc.
How it all started and who created this program? Until 90-ies of John knoll, one of the creators of the program worked in company ILM, which at the time was a division of the Lucasfilm company. The competence of this company was the process of creating special effects for the new and very popular at the time of the project "Star wars." Thomas, the second Creator, was busy writing a thesis about the principle and methods of image processing — its main purpose at that time - getting candidate's degree. Not so long ago he acquired a computer with a new monitor, but including it, he was disappointed in him. The reason for frustration – poor support grayscale images, this prompted Thomas to write a program that will help to correct this defect. You have found Adobe Photoshop.


Online editor PicMonkey boasts record-breaking speed, user-friendly interface, perfect for use on tablets, and the presence of all necessary functions, which can be useful for processing images in your darkroom Amateur.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter - a program for computer artists that create their digital painting tools that imitate real tools of the painter. About 200 different brushes with variations and effects you can find in the program: pencil, pastel, oil paint, watercolor, gouache, color pencil, charcoal, airbrush. Also available accessory tools - eraser, palette knife, painting medium, dimmer.